Monday, December 29, 2008

Update For The Week

I didn’t get much riding time in this last week but spent quite a bit of time just hanging out with Renegade. I think we needed some “quiet time” together. I all to often go get him and “get down to business” (way too direct line) and what with the holiday it was a little hectic. I was hoping hanging out would help us. Played more with liberty and got 2 nice circles to the left at walk and trot and Renegade was pretty close in to me. Online I got 2 steps sideways TOWARDS me over a big fence post!! We tried it at liberty but Renegade was having trouble understanding what I was asking so I put him online so I could be more clear in my communication and he got it and I could tell he understood from the expression on his face!! Oh, I love this clever little pony boy!!

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