Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2nd Ride In The Cradle

Took our second ride in the Cradle Tuesday night and it was a repeat of Monday with Renegade relaxing quickly. After a quick warm-up online and at liberty,= we went to riding freestyle and finesse. Renegade was again very light and responsive, and I could feel his body getting softer under me. I thought we might even canter tonight for the first time but we ended up working on ridden yo-yo's with snappy back-ups and some moving the shoulders over. I could feel Renegade planting his back feet and stepping his shoulders over - it felt amazingly light. I also experimented with combing the reins to begin a little collection work and Renegade was soft, flexing well, and earned his release quickly!! Gosh, this freestyle and finesse could be addicting!!!

I'll say it again, I should have bought this bridle sooner!!

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