Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Changing Diets

I'm am in the process of changing the way I feed my horses. My horses were getting a mostly hay diet along with their supplements in a handful of grain. After a long and colder than normal winter, all (with the exception of my mare) look as if they could use a bit of TLC so I'm adding an evening feeding. I soak some T & A cubes in lots of water until they are mush, then add in some Cool and Calm feed (low starch with beneficial herbs), some Omega Horseshine, extra flax seed, and a vitamin and mineral supplement. I will be blogging here periodically to track changes and see if the new feeding program brings about some positive changes in their coat, manes, and tails.

I know they are loving the new feed routine in the evening. They ALL meet me at the gate now, even Captain who is blind. In fact, he was the first one at the gate tonight and he's usually the last one.

I sit with Captain while he eats - if I don't my mare, America, will gobble up her food then go chase Captain off and eat the rest of his. Captain likes the extra attention and knows I'll protect him against poachers!! He also knows he gets "dessert" - a Sneek-e-Snack cookie. I usually get slimed when he touches my hand looking for his cookie after dinner!!

I love the Cool and Calm feed with the herbs in it. It smells sooooo good and the horses LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, it!! Hope it makes a difference in their health and appearance. I'm giving it 60 days and will re-evaluate at the end of those 60 days.

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