Friday, March 26, 2010


I went out to play with Renegade last night but before I went, I had a clear plan in my head of what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to play at liberty in the play pen and get at least two circles at the trot and 1 at the canter. Renegade must have "felt" my intent because he offered me 4 circles at the trot and 2 at the canter. Talk about an over achiever!!

Since he offered all of that I decided to add in an obstacle and have him maintain gait on the circle. Well, he jumped it both at the trot and the canter without breaking gait!! Gotta love my pony boy!!

After we finished our session, I invited Renegade in and then I sat down on the ground. He stood close with his head over me so I scratched his chest. It must have felt good because he started mutual grooming the top of my head. He was very gentle about it...most unlike him...usually I need to be prepared in case he decides to put in a playful nip. He didn't do that this time, just gently groomed my hair.

I stopped scratching his chest and he quit grooming me and decided to lay down right next to me for a roll. He was very careful to stay just far enough away that he didn't lay on me and he allowed himself enough room to roll. When he was done, he paused for a couple of minutes to look at me. I smiled and rubbed his forehead with my hand. He then got up and stood close for quite a while longer. I just sat there basking in the fact he wanted to stay with me and was so quiet and respectful about it. I was so suprised by all of this I completely forgot to take any pictures and I had my phone/camera on me!! Oh well, I get pics next time!!

Spent a quiet night tonight with the horses, sitting with Captain while he ate his supper. He's really enjoying his evening dinner routine and having company while he eats. I think he also likes the fact I protect him from "poachers" while he's eating...since he's blind the other horses (particuliarly my mare) will run him off his feed so she can have his!!

Tomorrow Renegade and I are going to the Parelli ISC in Ocala for the games/challenges. Should be a great turnout as quite a few from our play group, The Ocala Parelli Players, are going to be there!! Should be lots of fun. My plan is to focus on riding the patterns in the times events. This is where Renegade and I need the most practice.


Marion Princic said...

what a lovely playsession!!!! can´t wait to read about your playday :)

craigeagle23 said...

Hi Marion and thanks for your lovely comments!! I was in awe of the things Renegade offered me in that play session!! I'll be posting about the play day later tonight!!