Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Discussions and Ruminations!

After thinking about Saturday for a couple of days and getting input from a Parelli Professional, I've come to the conclusion that I may have missed some subtle signals from Renegade leading up to his "checking out" and taking over, but I did what I needed to do in that moment to re-establish my leadership. We had a discussion about strategies I can use in the future if this should happen again. We also discussed how I shouldn't overthink the process, just follow my "gut instincts" since my savvy has grown and I'm beginning to develop some "unconscious competence"!!! The suggestion was also made to take this episode and use it to know where the boundaries of tolerance are for Renegade and gradually stretch those boundaries. In doing so, eventually Renegade will be able to stay connected to me even if he has his druthers.

I feel much better now...out with the negative self doubt and second guessing, in with following my instincts more often and staying positive, progressive, and natural!!

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