Friday, September 3, 2010

More on My Big BFO

I think I’ve had a BFO on something I’ve been wrestling with in my head for a long time now. I’ve had a problem with the whole make vs. want or make and let vs. cause and allow. I think I’ve finally figured it out and duh…it’s so obvious now…the difference between make and let vs. cause and allow is the attitude with which the message is delivered!! However, it’s not that simple: make and let implies force and lack of leadership, cause and allow infers suggesting and permitting.

I’ve included below the definitions I think of when I think of each word:
Make = force someone to do something whether they want to or not
Let = allowing things to happen willy nilly with no plan or leadership
Cause = suggesting someone do something
Allow = the unfolding of the “cause” or getting what you asked for

I like the cause and allow model; it encourages me to set things up so my horse and I can be successful and "get it right" more often than we "get it wrong". After I cause Renegade to do something then it's up to me to allow it to happen. If it's not what I wanted I most likely asked for it wrong, was not clear in the way I was asking, or was not consistent enought for my horse to understand. The allow is my feedback from my horse on whether or not I got it right and if not, well, I need to think about it and try again.

The make and let model suggests to me that I would be forcing my horse to do something and he'd better get it right "or else" with the let being the mess I would get by making my horse do things. I seems to me it would be more of a reaction as opposed to my horse in the allow trying to figure things out.

I'm not done thinking on this yet and will likely add more to my blog posts on it in the future.


Marion Princic said...

excellent!!! i´m going to read that one over and over again. your explainations are really helping me a big time!
i have to train my brain to start thinking some more...

craigeagle23 said...

Ha! I just hope my thinking is not leading me (or you) astray!!