Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Patience, Patience, Patience!!

My program of tying my horses while I fix their evening meal is going VERY well. Even my youngster, Li"Bert"y a.k.a. Bert, has learned already to stand quietly and wait. I was hoping there would be no problems but was ready with knife in hand in case anyone pulled back in panic; I was ready to free them if necessary. I was prepared but everyone has been fantastic during this learning period and feeding time has become a very quiet, sedate affair!! It's so nice to have peace and quiet during food prep and feeding!!

I dewormed all the horses tonight. All of them did really well; Captain was so polite, relaxed, and took the paste easily. America couldn't wait to get the tube in her mouth then she wanted everyone elses paste lol!! Bert took a couple of minutes of approach and retreat before he was relaxed enough to accept the tube and paste. Renegade did great too; he used to be sooooo difficult to deworm...LOTS of opposition reflex, but passive persistence has paid off - he gets easier each time and he used to be very difficult (I really think he was forced to do everything in his past).

After the horses were dewormed and fed, they all got scratches and cookies - a bit of undemanding time to finish the day.

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