Monday, September 13, 2010

Teaching Patience

Duh…don’t know why I didn’t think of this before but I’m trying to create good habits and patience in my horses at feeding time. Sometimes it can get a bit chaotic because my mare is so dominant; she gets everyone in an uproar when dinner is about to be served. Tonight was different!! I gave Renegade and America baths and tied them up while I went about doing chores and getting their feed ready. I also tied Li”Bert”y up as well. I didn’t tie Captain because he’s blind and he’s also very polite at feeding time.

Once I had all the food ready, I placed the bowls around the pasture and one by one, when each horse was standing quietly, I untied them and led them to their bowl. They had to stand quietly while I unhaltered and I didn’t allow them to run off to their bowls; instead, I gave them permission to go. Renegade and America were quick to catch on, Li”Bert”y a.k.a. Bert, took a bit longer to settle down but I waited until he did and led him to his bowl, unhaltered him and asked him to wait until I gave permission to go to his bowl.

It was wonderful, no chaos, no dust ups, no squabbling over bowls, etc.!! This is going to be our nightly routine from now on!!!

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