Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day Three of the Rendezvous - The Evening

Dinner out with Bonnie and Jerry Williams was alot of fun. I got to meet a couple of members of the Jingle group that I hadn't met before and we shared a lot of stories about ourselves. It really was nice getting to know Jerry and Bonnie outside a clinic/workshop/teaching environment. Dinner lasted about 3 hours and we did alot of talking and laughing. We hated to leave, but the restaurant was closing!!

In case you're wondering, the Jingle group, is a group online coaching forum that Jerry developed. Jerry has facilitated us setting goals, posts "can-you's" that he demonstrates via video, we have individual group coaching calls and the larger group call that includes everyone in all the smaller groups. We can post stories and get "atta boys/girls" or support when struggling with something. We also have e-mail life lines if a problem comes up. For those that chose the option, there is video coaching as well. I've had a great time with the Jingle this summer; it kept me going out and playing with my horse, even during the really hot and humid months when I normally retreat to the a/c!! I think the Jingle played a part in how well Renegade and I did at the Rendezvous as well!!

When we returned to the campground, we went to see the horses and get them out of their stalls for a while. Terri and I took Beau and Renegade out to a particularly nice, green patch of grass for some well deserved grazing time. It was a perfect end to a perfect day. As we sat there listening to our horses graze, we watched the ground mist roll in, under a beautiful moon and stars. I couldn't help but think just how blessed I am that I have such good friends sharing the Rendezvous experience with me, I have great Parellin Instructors, and a horse that tries so very hard for me.

After about 45', we took the horses back to their stalls, settled them in for the night, and headed back to the campground. Once there, I just couldn't stop smiling and I kept replaying the spotlight we did in my head. By the time I finally settled down enough to sleep, it really was quite late...about 1:30 a.m. was a LOOONNNGGGG day!!

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