Monday, October 25, 2010

Day Two of the Rendezvous

FRIDAY, October 22, 2010
Woke up at 5:45 a.m. and went to check on the horses to see how they did overnight. They were happy to see me, and happy for a hay and water refill. Then back to the campground for coffee and to get dressed for the day. After we had breakfast it was back to the barn for stall maintenance then took the horses out to move them around, play with them a bit to see what horses showed up that day, and let them graze a bit before it was back to the stalls. Then it was off to the arena for all horse participants to join the remuda with Pat to find out how the Rendezvous was going to work. After the meeting, we then set about exploring a bit and finding the sign up/registration for spotlights, demos, tournaments, etc.

I decided to try the Fast Track experience demo and it was interesting although I think I was a day early for Renegade. It was obvious he was still more interested in everything going on than in me and what I was asking. John Baar gave us several tasks to accomplish, squeeze over barrels in both directions, all 4 feet on a pedestal, circles with transitions, etc., to be sure we had our horses mind before we could get on to ride. I started with the pedestal since it's usually Renegade's favorite thing...he will put his feet on everything and anything, especially if he can get out of work lol!! Well, long story short, he wanted to do everything BUT put his feet on that pedestal!!! I spent the whole Fast Track experience being coached by Kathy Baar until Renegade finally put two feet on the pedestal. I knew right then I better get busy and play with Renegade to get his attention before the whole weekend turned into something I didn't want!!

We went out to the practice arena and played all 7 games and did some patterns online until Renegade was focusing on me. I had to be quite firm at times, very clear in what I was asking, and particular in his responses. That's how I spent the second half of the second day but I'm glad I did it because it's what Renegade and I both needed to get focused and help the rest of the weekend be successful for both of us. Needless to say, I didn't do any spotlights or tournament games on Friday!!

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