Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trailer Loading Fun and Positive Patterns!!

Had another nice play session with America and trailer loading tonight. She was very confident with three feet in but that’s where we left off Friday so tonight I asked for more effort getting that last foot into the trailer. It took a while and I had to ask several times but eventually she put that 4th foot in the trailer. She didn’t stay very long but that’s o.k., she gave a huge effort getting that last foot in there. I backed her out and we went to graze. Interesting that she stayed very close to me while grazing. She could have gone out to the end of the 22′ line but chose to stay close, eating about a 6′ circle around me lol!! She also had a very soft look on her face.

Interesting too that Bert called frequently for America while I had her out playing. He couldn't see her and tonight that seemed to bother him ALOT. When I took America back to the pasture, Bert was stuck to her like velcro, was smelling her all over, and gently rubbed her with his head.

I tied all the horses while prepared their supper. America and Bert were very quiet standing tied. Renegade was a bit fidgety so I waited to feed him until he was standing quietly. The tying is going very well and I love that everyone is so quiet and patient while they wait. When I untie them, I lead them to their food dish and unhalter them but ask them to wait a moment before I allow them to go to their dish. Doing that keeps everything low key, polite, and eliminates any chaos or squabbles over food dishes. It's becoming a positive pattern!!!!!

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