Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keeping it Short, Simple, and Sweet!!

Played with Captain tonight doing extreme friendly and helicopter at liberty. Also played with asking him to back by using a few tail hairs. He took him a little bit to catch on but we ended up with him giving me one step back. The really wonderful part is he was nickering to me while we were playing…that’s a first, and he was REALLY interested in what we were doing!! Something else that made this so special is it took an  incredible amount of trust for Captain to do this. He's blind so he had to trust I wouldn't lead him into trouble by asking him to back up.

What a fun session tonight. Renegade was READY to PLAY so we played at liberty in the play pen and had significant progress tonight. The last time we played, I was getting 1/4 canter circles and tonight I got two laps to the left and one lap to the right. Even better, Renegade offered this, I only had to "remind" him twice when he broke gait by tagging the ground where he broke to a trot. When I asked him in to me, he came at a trot and nickered!! Also played a bit with the weave and Renegade was much improved since the last time we played with it. I could see him really trying to do the pattern and I didn’t have to do alot of driving. Our draw was pretty awesome. All this play took only about 15" so we spent the next 15’ UDT with me sitting on the ground and Renegade standing next to me quietly relaxing. Oooppsss…almost forgot our awesome stick to me at walk, trot, AND CANTER. We’ve been doing well at walk and trot but canter has been a bug-a-boo but tonight, Renegade went right into the canter with me for about 1/4 lap!! I'm thrilled at everything Renegade has been offering me lately. I'm not sure what has changed so I'm going to have to soak on that a bit!!

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