Sunday, March 27, 2011


Since it’s getting so warm now, 88 today in sunny FL, and Renegade is sooooo hairy and sweats whenever we play, I decided to body clip him. I’d never body clipped a horse before and I had to buy a set of clippers since the ones I have were good for bridle paths and light clipping. Renegade was soooo good through the entire process and I did a pretty good job for a first timer. One side looks really good, the other needs a bit of touch up but we’d both had enough for one day. I’m so glad that way back when, I took lots of time getting Renegade used to clippers so I could clip his bridle path. I can do that at liberty out in the pasture! Taking the time back then made everything go smoothly today!! Love me some pony boy, Renegade and soooo proud of him!


Marion Princic said...

Proper and prior preparation... I really should get milva used to clippers as well. She is shedding her wintercoat like crazy right now do when I brush her alot of birds appear to pick up her hair for their nests :). Have a nice Monday! Xx

craigeagle23 said... cute the birds use her hair to make a soft lining in their nests for the babies.

I'm so glad I put in the time to get Renegade comfortable with clippers; it paid off big time yesterday. He actually enjoyed it, I think he thought I was giving him a nice massage lol!!