Sunday, April 10, 2011

Horse Play

So far today I've played with two of my four horses. Bert is such an extrovert and tends to over react, I have to keep phases light, my energy low, and be very clear in my communication. I also have to stick with it long enough to help him make a change then move on to something else. We played with figure 8's today; he started out reactive and confused but ended up doing a couple of nice figure 8's at a relaxed walk and thinking about what he was doing. It was much the same with the circling game...he started out rushing through a trot and canter circle but we finally got a nice relaxed circle to the left then to the right at a walk. Did the weave with him and he did great! By this time he was really thinking vs. reacting and kept looking to me for direction. I quit after that and gave him a nice rest and some spanish moss from an oak tree (he loves the stuff!!).

Next up to play was America, a.k.a., Meri and she is very much LBI but can get quite extroverted at times. She started a bit extroverted but quickly settled down and did some nice figure 8's and circles to the right and left at a relaxed trot. We did a a couple canter circles to the right and left in the roundpen. To the right was better than to the interesting! We hung out for a few minutes and she gently explored me a bit; she was really interested in my hat and my watch.

Gotta go clean the pool now and do a couple of other chores; I'll play with Renegade and Captain later and am going to ride Renegade.

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