Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Basics!!

Had another rousing play session, much the same as yesterday, with Renegade tonight and boy was it fun. I was getting some nice, snappy responses, the best changes of direction yet, nice canter squeezes with a great turn, face and wait. Circles with an obstacle were awesome, not change in gait or direction unless I asked for it. One foot at a time over the log was good tonight, a few more days and I think we’ll have it dependablly.

After our session, I turned Renegade loose and he stayed with me rather than wander off to join the other horses grazing nearby. After a couple of minutes, he decided to roll and was close to me. He laid down, rolled, then righted himself but didn’t get up right away. I offered my hand for him to smell and he did and stayed down for another couple of minutes then got up slowly, shook, "blew out the butterflies" (and probably some dirt as well lol!!), and hung with me a bit longer until I got up and asked him to join the herd. I would have loved to hang out a bit longer but had chores to do.

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