Monday, May 23, 2011

Progress, Progress, Progress!!

Just had the most fun play session with Renegade! Played in a playpen made of step in posts and surveyors tape to test my lightness and his obedience…was awesome!! Built a smaller circle inside with 5 posts and played weave with, fun, fun!! Went out into the pasture and did traveling circles at trot and canter…woohoo…getting better all the time! Slowed it down and played with one foot at a time over a log, first front feet then back feet…Renegade is starting to catch on. Saddled up and rode ‎20m and 10m circles at the walk and trot then went outside into the pasture and did FTR at walk and trot, found some trees to use as "barrels" and did the bowtie pattern…got some nice canters on a left lead, right lead is more difficult but that’s not suprising as most everything is more difficult on his right side. Need to work on suppling up that right side!!

The really suprising thing is I must have done something right because after we had some hang out time and he rolled and grazed a bit, I left him in the pasture to graze while I went to get dressed to go into town and get hay. When I came out of the house, Renegade was still connected to me...followed me up and down the fence line, even when I was in the truck. He even waited in the pasture by the gate when I drove the truck out the driveway and followed me down the fence line all the way to the road. I think he would have followed me to town if the fence hadn't stopped him!! When I got home, he met me at the gate!! 

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