Sunday, June 12, 2011

America And I Had Fun Today

I haven't ridden America in over a year as I've been spending most of my time with Renegade working through the Parelli Levels but thought it was time today. She's been meeting me at the gate every day and when playing online she just seems like she's wanting a job; it's almost as if she's bored by the same ol' same ol'.

She met me at the gate this morning and came up beside me and stuck her nose in the halter when I offered it. We played online for a while practicing all 7 games and upping the ante a bit by asking for a bit more speed in the sideways, doing our circles where there was a log for her to cross twice on each circle, played with transitions on the circle and how little it took to ask for walk, trot, and canter. America is still a little bit impulsive at the canter on the circle but it's much improved and we're almost at the completely relaxed canter stage.

After our warm up, we saddled up and headed to the round pen. I bet America would be fine to ride in the pasture but I'm not quite confident enough with her for that yet; I don't think it will be long though. America was so calm, cool, and relaxed during our Freestyle session. She had a nice, steady walk but she did stop quite a bit but of course there was some delicious grass growing in my round pen (I haven't used it in a while) that was begging to be nibbled on!! We did a bit of passenger lesson with some direct rein peppered in here and there to see how she would do and she politely followed my suggestion. I couldn't have been happier with the way everything went. Love my Mustang girl!!

After riding we unsaddled and went to the trailer for trailer loading practice. America got in and came out twice then went in and stayed in. Of course I had a couple of cookies handy and gave them to her. She stayed in the trailer for quite a while and I think got bored and asked to come out. I asked her out, unhaltered her and left her loose in the yard to graze for a couple of hours as a reward for all her good work today.

Here's a video synopsis of our session today. Sure was fun!!

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