Thursday, June 2, 2011

Prior and Proper Preparation for My Video Camera Would Have Helped

Note to self...check batteries in video camera before going out to tape a session lol!! I went out to play with Renegade and took my video camera intending to capture some video to review to see what we're doing well and what we (I/me) can improve on but forgot to check the batteries. They were low so I only caught 2 minutes of video :-(

Saddled Renegade and played a bit online for pre-flight checks; played with splitting him in half over a log and he was actually asking questions tonight. I really rewarded that and his effort placing his feet over the log. When he stopped trying I sent him away quickly then back to try again. About three repetitions of that and he started paying attention and put the R front then the R rear over the log; I let him rest and waited for the lick and came quickly!! Did two circle laps at a trot in each direction then brought him in...send and bring back equally good...check!!

Mounted up and checked the brakes...all was good. Started out walking a 20 meter circle in both directions and it went well so went to the trot until we got two laps on a loose rein with only 1 correction per lap. Played with back-up...still needs work as Renegade gets sticky or wants to do anything but back-up. I just get patient, hold, and wait until I get 1 back-up step then stop and rub. When he does back up it's light but we're not consistent yet.

After the 20 meter circles we played FTR at a trot to get the impulsion we would need for the bow tie pattern we did next. We played with the bow tie for both leads and as expected the right lead was easier but after two tries for the left lead we got it and cantered for 5 strides. That's huge...we've not been able to get it before. On the right lead we cantered for 20 strides. Suprisingly for his left lead being so hard to get it was the easiest to ride and seemed the smoothest. The right lead was a bit rough but I'm sure we'll get better as we continue playing.

We had so many good things happen tonight that I wish I'd caught on video but I guess I'll just have to try again tomorrow. I just hope Renegade is having as good a time with all this as I am!!

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