Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Slow And Right and Velvet Noses!!

Another repeat of the last two nights and played with the same tasks.

Catching was easy...I went to sit on "our log" and Renegade came right over. Of course I had a bit of cookie to reward him with and make it pleasant for him. Haltered him again from a sitting position with his permission. This is new and nice...have had difficulty with this when I tried it in the past; he would nearly always move his head just out of reach meaning I didn't have his permission.

Touch it with your nose went well, only had to send Renegade twice before he figured out to touch the utility pole; he has the trees solid now.

Split in half over the log took 15 seconds tonight...he's solid on this too now.

Foot on the frisbee went really well tonight...he's got the hang of putting his foot on the pink frisbee, the green one not so much...wonder if it's the color? He finally "got it" after 1/2 dozen tries and ended up with 1-1/2 feet on it!!

Unhaltered him from a sitting position, again with his permission. He stuck around so I decided to play a bit of friendly with his head, nose, and mouth. Renegade usually moves his head away or will jerk it away in his LB way. I had to make it interesting enough for him to be willing so I used the ss over his poll with me still sitting and very gently asked for his head and wahoo...he gave it to me and let me rub his forehead and a bit on his nose. After a bit of approach and retreat in a playful, teasing manner he allowed me to rub his whole head, jaw, neck, lips, nose, etc. and he had a really soft look on his face. When I removed my hands (before he had decided he's had enough) he had a very interested look on his face. I decided to call it a night on that note!!

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