Monday, September 5, 2011

Impulsion and Cantering and Enthusiasm, Oh My!!

Played online with Renegade tonight and I don't know if it was the storm coming in or that it was a bit cooler tonight but Renegade was very playful and had impulsion on the circle!! When I asked for the trot, he gave me a canter and it was a nice one to the left. I allowed him continue for 5 laps then asked him in as he looked like he was thinking about breaking down to the trot. The circle to the right was not quite as nice but he did offer the canter so I allowed 2 laps and asked him in before he could break gait and also to reward the offer of the canter. I'm so happy as this has been a major sticking point for us for soooooo long...I couldn't get him to canter no matter what I did and to have him offer was a huge gift.

We also played with touch it having him touch the trees with his nose or shoulder and then his zone 5. He still wants to swing his zone 5 out when he gets close to touching it with his rump but he's getting better...the swing is not as wide and we get within about 1 to 1-1/2 steps before he swings his rump.

Sideways along the fence was great. We can do sideways without a fence but I moved back to the fence because we've been working on trotting sideways and the fence helps eliminate that forward movement. Happy to say we did sideways at the trot to Renegade's right for about 25', to the left it was difficult and we didn't trot...will have to play with that some more.

Renegade was really playful tonight and decided to leave three times. I always let go of the rope as I don't want him to pull on me. He goes cantering across the pasture then turns to look at me. I start friendly game with the carrot stick and string and he canters back to me and he nickers all the way back. I need to figure out what to do about this game he loves so much...I know he's having fun but is online and liberty is liberty. I'm not crazy about him choosing to play this game so often; I'm thinking he does it because it's fun and not because I've caused him to leave as he comes right back. But...of course, I could be wrong!! Wish I could figure it out!!

I wanted to keep playing and I think Renegade did too but the dark clouds were coming in fast and we got caught in the rain coming in from play time. It was probably a good time to quit anyway since Renegade gave me so much tonight.

Of course, I didn't tape tonight because the last two play sessions weren't particularly good and it looked like rain so I didn't want my video camera out in the rain. Figures tonights play session would be especially good!!

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