Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Set Backs!!

I haven't posted in a while but that doesn't mean we haven't been playing because we have; it's just been less play than I wanted. I've been working crazy hours at work, going to work in the dark and getting home in time to feed the ponies before it got dark. I tried to play a little while feeding; move the fq, move the hq, back up, wait politely to be invited to your food dish, etc. I was paying attention to how much or how little energy it took from me to get the desired response and trying to notice the slightest try. I also was paying attention to when my horses were "blowing me off" and not trying at all; noting when I had to be effective rather than being as light as possible and what effective means. There were some interesting revelations!

Just when my work schedule was letting up and I was working "normal" hours again, Renegade came up lame on his RF. I suspect he got kicked, probably when he was wacking America on the butt with the Jolly Ball...one of his favorite games. He'll wack her then run to avoid being kicked and usually that works for him...he's pretty quick, but apparently not quick enough this time! He's getting better each day but is still a little off so I've not been pushing him in our play time...just easy stuff.

Add to that, on Christmas day, Renegade decided to colic. I noticed he wasn't feeling well, he was too obedient...not his usual feisty, naughty self, and he was laying down alot. I got him up and gave him some Banamine and within about 30-40 minutes he was feeling better, nibbling at grass and taking a few sips of molassas water. It didn't last long though; within another 1-1/2 hours he was laying down again with no interest in food or water. I gave him another round of Banamine and we took a long walk around the block. I felt like the worlds biggest meanie to keep him moving as it was clear he didn't really want to. He finally pooped a BIG poop and farted a couple of times...I've never been so happy for horse poop and pony farts!! Renegade's appetite began to return and he looked much better. I left him turned out in the yard so he could graze if he wanted to and left him some really sloppy, soaked T&A cubes with a little of his usual feed mixed in, a bucket of molassas water and a bucket of plain water, and a little bit of hay. I kept checking on him about every 1/2 hour for about 3 hours and he was nibbling grass but hadn't eaten his feed yet. Finally, about 10:00 p.m., when I checked on him, he greeted me with a nicker and had eaten his feed, the hay, and drank the bucket of molassas water and 1/2 of the plain water. I kept checking on him through the night and all was well; he was looking good and had pooped several times so I gave him some more hay and refilled the water buckets and finally got to sleep about 3:00 a.m. When I went out to feed at 6:30 a.m., he was nickering and trotting after me with the hay in the wheelbarrow, trying to snatch mouthfuls of hay. Obviously he was feeling MUCH better and ate his breakfast with gusto!!

Now, I just have to wait for him to be completely sound again so we can pick up where we left off. We have a lot to do and I want to start using all the info I learned in Kelly Sigler's clinic. In the meantime, I've been playing with my Mustang mare, America, and getting her ready for her first trip off the farm. If you're interested, check out America's blog to follow our progress: http://mustangmusings-americaandkathy.blogspot.com/

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