Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Sense of Humor!!

What a fun liberty session with Renegade tonight...he was being really LBE...he made me laugh! I think horses really do have a sense of humor, I know Renegade does!!

Liberty in the big pasture...Renegade kept offering me trot circles around me, sideways with and without a log, sideways from zone 1 and even zone 5...everything but what I was asking for which was put one front and one hind foot over a log. He's such a LB and he was extroverted tonight...really wanting to play. I persisted and didn't let him change my focus, and FINALLY, he started paying attention, became engaged with me and...ta da...put his right front and right hind over the log doing the horsey splits!! Then he nickered at me...just so pleased with himself lol!! Of course, he got atta boys, rubs, scratches, and the all coveted cookie!!

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