Monday, September 1, 2008

Farrier was here this morning then I played with Renegade in the play pen. I tried everything from a seated position. We did sideways without a fence, sidepass over a barrel, send out around a barrel and bring back in, yo-yo zone 5 to the pool noodles, at liberty trotting over cavalletti both directions, haltering. It was fun and was different so Renegade was really paying attention. When we finished that we played with his big exercise ball. He had a ball running it around the play pen, pawing it, rolling on it, he had it going so fast over the cavalletti that he was trotting then cantering to keep it going. He got a good workout. NOW, this part is TOO FUNNY - he took his jolly ball and pushed the big ball with it and was hitting the big ball with the jolly ball. Then he took the jolly ball and dropped it in an upright barrel!! I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt then Renegade started "chuckling" with me. It was a fun session!!

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