Saturday, October 25, 2008

Energy and Focus

I played with Renegade in the pasture a little bit this morning. Hubby was unloading the hay roll and I was entertaining the horses so they didn't run out the gate while it was open. After the hay was unloaded and hubby left the pasture I closed the gate. The other horses left to go eat hay. Renegade stayed with me!!! So we played with sideways over the large posts in the pasture. He played with me a bit - doing everything but what I was asking but I was passively persistent. After a few minutes he lined himself up and sidepassed over the post AT LIBERTY and WITHOUT ANY CS ACTION, just my energy and focus. Woooohoooo...then he did it the other way Yikes, I'm smiling from ear to ear Then we played some stick to me, walk, trot, back-up, fast stop, still can't get him to canter with me. hmmmmmm...

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