Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things To Think About

Yep, I just got back in from playing with Renegade. I got him from the pasture - he met me at the gate. When I let him out, he waited for me!! But...after I gave him a cookie he took off. hummm...won't do that again!! Played a little catching game with him and after about 5 minutes I had him sticking with me!! Then I put the 22' on and we did figure 8's at walk and trot. He did great!! Went to the play pen and set up the cones for weaves and played with them at the walk. And...he did great!!! Played with change of gait and direction on line for a few minutes and then put on the bareback pad. Did some point to point go/whoa - he's getting good at the walk - stops when I blow out!! And staying pretty straight. We did some follow the rail with some changes of direction - that was fun!! Then...I asked (well, if I'm honest - I told :oops for a back up and he got resentful and started tossing his head and whipped around and tried to bite my ankle If I had been in a saddle I probably would have stayed on but since I was on the bareback pad I got off before I fell off. Preserved my confidence and his!!! When I got off his antenna was out so I put his feet to work asking for hq yields. When he was calm and attentive I got back on, relaxed for a couple of minutes then ASKED POLITELY for the back up. Got it - nice and soft and I got off!! No antenna this time!!!!!!! Oh, I forgot - when I went to put the hackamore on I held the reins up and Renegade stuck his head through them. Then I got on my knees and put the hack on him then loved on his head and face!! It was so nice and soft. I need to think about our session tonight - his attitude was fine for a long time but we played/rode longer than we normally do and I'm not sure he wasn't irritated with that. was all good - his feed back gives me something to think about!

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