Monday, October 27, 2008


Played with Renegade again tonight with patterns. He didn't get his cookie outside the gate this time - I waited til we trotted (stick to me) to the play pen and treated him inside. Then I haltered him, me on my knees - he thinks it cool!! Then we left the play pen and played with figure 8's and squeeze forward and back through the barrels. We had fun and he's really catching on (our 4th session) at walk and he volunteered trot tonight. Weaves are coming along well too (our second session) at the walk. Did some change of direction and gait on line and it looked a lot better - coming along nicely. Saddled him up for riding and got on did some go/whoa, point to point, weaves at the walk, modified cloverleaf in the play pen, rode in and out of the gates and through the car wash!! With the back up he did the same thing as last night but I was in the saddle so I relaxed, was passively persistent and it payed off - I had three nice back ups so we quit!! Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. Then we tried stick to and canter at liberty back to the pasture. We almost did it but ran out of room (got to the gate too quick)!! Maybe next time!!

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