Monday, November 3, 2008

Focus, Friendly, Politeness, Softness

Well, here's the Renegade Tales/Tails for last night: Went to fetch him and he met me at the gate. I let him out at liberty and he stuck with me for a few minutes while I played friendly then started for the play pen. Well, we got all the way to the play pen gate and he decided to leave me. I went around and put some cookies on stuff and then we played the catching game for a little bit. Once he figured out I was taking him to cookies he was attached to me like velcro!! We went to the play pen and played at liberty with Savvy Arrow 14 in mind. He did great - we did walk/trot/canter. He tried twice to change direction without my asking for it but I interupted that and sent him back the other way - lots of licking and chewing on that one AND it didn't happen again!! Same with change of gait - he tried a couple of times to drop down a gait but a couple of reminders and he stayed in gait for two circles. I did pretty good too - I didn't let him change my focus - not that I was drilling him but doing alot of thank you, that was nice but...this is what we are doing!! Then came bareback riding. He offered for me to get on by moving close to the fence panel then moving his hq over too when I asked politely. We did follow the rail, ppl, point to point to get our go/whoa button good. And guess what Terri, when we reached our target I blew out and relaxed but forgot to ask for the lateral flex - he gave it to me anyway!! Filling in for me, clever boy!! After we were warmed up and he was listening I was experimenting with focus and body position and dropping a seat bone - he was "getting it" and turning off my body position and focus. Of course it was at a walk, we're not ready for higher gaits yet. Then he offered me a nice little trot so I took it. Bareback trotting is alot different than in the saddle. I felt a little too bouncy so I need more practice!! When we finished - we went together AT LIBERTY to the trailer and I asked him in. He went right in (of course I had put a cookie there much earlier). He found the cookie and stayed in there for a little bit while he ate it. Then we went together back to the pasture at LIBERTY and again he stuck to me like velcro!! I was soooo happy with our session last night. Can't wait til tonight!!

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