Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Drive and Draw, Things Going Right

Played with Renegade tonight and had to play catching game again tonight after I let him out of the pasture but...ta-da...it only took about 1 minute to get his attention and the hunt for cookies was on!! Then we went to the play pen and instead of going right in (too direct line) we stopped outside the gate and played friendly and had a cookie. Then I asked him in and he went!! I sent him to the barrel where I hid another cookie and we played friendly there for a few minutes. Then circling at liberty with change of gaits and direction. It was great and Renegade was asking lots of questions. Played a lot with drive and draw and did some figure 8's at liberty. It was awsome!! Then sideways without a fence and with the fence but speeding it up and at a greater distance. Bless Renegade's heart he was trying so hard for me!! And...no cookies involved at this point. Then feet up on the mounting block - he loves that one!! On to bareback riding with my bareback pad (which I LOVE). Follow the rail walk and TROT, point to point walk and TROT, go/whoa button, lateral flexion, first attempts at freestyle yo-yo, 9 step back-up. Renegade was fine on the trotting and I was much less bouncy tonight, think I'm starting to get the hang of it!! Renegade got a little bracey a couple of times but I asked for lateral flexion and some hq yields and he softened up and did great after that (never ever release on a brace)! We even tried some PPL at walk and trot!! Gosh, I'm having a blast. I can't wait til the clinic Saturday and Sunday and for the next play day!!

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