Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Natural Hoof Trimming, Horses Playing

Terri - yep, horses got their feet done. Everybody was good - no problems. You'd be proud of me - from the moment I got Renegade to bring him out for Mike, I took charge and was EFFECTIVE. Well, Renegade was great!! Stood still for his trim, no fidgeting, no trying to nip, eat or dance around. Whoooo hoooooo!! I wanted to play with him yesterday but just didn't get the time - too much other stuff to catch up on. Gonna play tonight for sure!! Captain played last night for the first time (at least that I've seen). He was in the play pen with the ball waiting his turn with Mike and he started playing with the ball, rolling in around and mashing it with his nose. This is huge for him - he's never played or been curious about much. Li"Bert"y also played last night. When it was his turn in the play pen he found the ball and really got a vigorous game going. He was rolling, mashing, pawing, kneeling on it, he even got it underneath him and was rolling it backwards while he was backing up!! It was too funny.

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