Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Went out to play with Renegade tonight and made sure I was doing my homework (Jerry gave me an assignment to keep Renegade out of my space for two weeks). We played and I was really particular with him and gosh did we have fun on the ground and in the saddle!! Got a nice circle game and then changes of gait and direction without him pushing in on me with his shoulder!! Did some porcupine and driving games and then sideways without a fence. Then played with some patterns and it was time to saddle up. Terri - he stood still with no opposition!! Saddled and warmed up on the ground then got on - no probs there, he stood still until I asked him to move off. We played with follow the rail at the walk and trot, changes of gait using my energy, yo-yo, figure 8's and pushing the shoulder over. Gosh, it was fun. We had some nice transitions from walk to trot and vice versa, a little trouble with him not stopping when I quit riding (I need to think about this and make sure I really stopped riding). I felt soooo confident and he felt sooooo light (he did brace a couple of times but I waited for him to relax and then we continued on) for 99% of our session. It was FANTASTIC!! I felt really secure in my seat (am I finally getting somewhat of an independent seat???).

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