Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Lesson

I had my first lesson today. There were only three of us in the class so we got lots of individual attention. Renegade was himself - hard to keep his attention but by the time it came to riding he was doing much better. That's a huge improvement over the clinic where it took me all day to get his attention. We played with the 7 games and advancing/refining them - lots to play with for the next month. We also learned the beginnings of leading by the ear and lip. That was fun and Renegade was a star!! Then came riding. Renegade did good and it was much easier to get him to stand still for mounting. Then we played with yo-yo from the saddle, the beginnings of sideways, and changes of gait using our body's energy instead of the reins. I had a blast, learned a lot and can't wait for the next lesson. Lots to do between now and then though!!

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