Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Putting Lessons Into Practice

I've been playing with Mr. Renegade. Today I got off work a little early so I played with him on the ground for a few minutes and he was SO good I went ahead and saddled up - he stood still, only ground tied!! Sent him to the mounting block - he stood still again so I got on. Lateral flexion was great - light and quick, hq yields were great - also light and quick. Off we went - playing with change of gait using my energy - Renegade was fantastic!! I dropped the reins and we did stop, walk, trot, walk, stop, back up. Then we played with sideways and we got a few steps - not really pretty but Renegade put some effort into it!! I'm really paying attention to where and how much my feet move and where and how much Renegade's feet move. I have the next 4 days off and plan on spending a lot of it with the horses. I might even ride Captain and America. Haven't been on them in a while - just haven't had the time.

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