Saturday, December 20, 2008

2ND Lesson With Parelli Professional

Gosh I had fun today. Renegade was really good bracing and bolting, did great circles at walk, trot AND canter. Jerry had us "play" with our horses, not worry about technique or if it was "perfect". What a blast...Renegade was loving it. We covered the whole playground, over logs big and small, over the culvert, up on the BIG dirt mound, over the teeter-totter, over the bridge. Really active. He also had us "dancing" with our horses and Renegade was intrigued by this and it was sooooo much fun. Then we played at liberty in the arena. When Jerry said we were going to do this I think my eyes got kinda wide (right brained looking) but Renegade really suprised me. We took the lines off and started with friendly game and Renegade stuck with me. Progressed to porcupine and this is where Renegade left. The rules were I couldn't go get him, that the others would play keep away and when he looked at me I was to draw backwards to draw him to me. It didn't take long for him to look for me and when I started backing he came to me so I started running backwards and Renegade CANTERED to me!! The second time he left it only took Jerry putting a little pressure in his zone 5 and again he cantered back to me. The really interesting part was when the other two horses left their partners and were running around the arena, Renegade never left me!! I truly thought he would leave me to join in the chaos!! I'm glad online and liberty was sooooo good cause the riding all fell apart. I actually had to GET OFF NOW!! Renegade got tunnel vision to the horses out in the big pasture and he got VERY bracy and was totally ignoring me. I just couldn't get his attention back and one of the girls in the clinic said he was REALLY hanging out the antenna. I figured I was safer on the ground since he was so determined to ignore me. The rest of the lesson went so well, I sure didn't want to get pitched off and wreck my confidence. All that being said, I guess I know what I need to play with while I'm on vacation next week!! And...even though the riding didn't go well I'm thrilled with the online and liberty - a HUGE improvement over the lesson last month. Oh yeah, almost forgot...the trailer loading when it was time to go home went REALLY well. I only had to ask twice and in he went!! WHAHOO...SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS...IT WAS A FANTASTIC DAY

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