Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fantastic Play Day

Yeah, WOW is a great word to describe the play day today. We had a great group of folks playing with their horses and some non-horsey spectators. Kevin brought his pedestal, Bess brought LOTS of obstacles and things to drag, pull, water obstacle, car wash, etc. We had barrels, cavaletti, cones, couch cushions, disposable aluminum food containers, streamers, pom-poms, bridges...everything you can imagine and probably some you couldn't!! Everyone was so busy having fun with all the obstacles that we never got to the special challenges we had arranged. Tinker got in some riding time on Go - working on getting confidence in riding, relaxing, not getting that "knot" in your stomach when you're tense. Tinker - you did a fantastic job. You and Go had a GREAT day together!! I'm guessing everyone had a good time. We wore out some a little early but some stayed until after dark!! I didn't get home til after 8:00 cause I ran into the Christmas Parade in Dunnellon. It had traffic backed way up on 484 - took about a half hour to move 3 miles. Ack!!! I want you all to know this - I don't intend on leaving Renegade home on play days again. Watching everyone play with their horses today made me miss him very much!! Although I did enjoy playing with Darby. For some reason, I'm drawn to her!! I have some ideas I would like to throw out here just to explore them: 1.) have 2 version of 2 challenges at each play day (total of 4 challenges) and do them right after lunch. 5, 10, 15, 20 points for each challenge. I'm thinking we could keep score all year and high points gets something and low points gets something. 2.) explore bigger venue (see what we can find out or come up with for little to no $$) for future play days - especially if we get much bigger. It might start getting crowded and I'm not crazy about splitting into smaller groups. 3.) where and when are we having the next play day. Ingrid offered to have one at her house in January. 4.) should we have a pot luck dinner again at some point for planning/learning purposes? If anyone has any pictures they would like posted to the web site just e-mail them to me and I will put them up. If you don't know my e-mail addy just leave me a pm and I'll get it to you. Well, gotta go for now - I'm pooped!! Kathy

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