Monday, January 5, 2009

Sidepass To and Away

GUESS WHAT, GUESS WHAT...played with Renegade at liberty in the big pasture tonight and asked him for sideways over a BIG log. I stood in his zone 3 and kept my feet still and he sidepassed the entire length of the log just as pretty as you please and at phase 0 or -1!! Then, just because he was so willing and putting in so much effort I tried sidepass towards me and guess what - he got it!! 4 steps with just the ss lightly brushing him on the far side!! much success, why stop there. I tried asking him to back from zone 5 by lightly pulling some tail hairs and happened. Well, I just had to have a cookie fest then!! I think he thought he died and went to heaven - he was getting cookies as fast as he could eat them!!

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Dona said...

Kathy - congrats on a fun day playing. Yipee!