Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Fun with All The Horses

The past couple of nights I played with each of my four horses. It was fun to observe the individual differences in each one when doing each task.

Renegade of course is VERY playful and to him EVERYTHING is a game!! We played with sideways from and to again and it was so much fun. He really has the away down pat both ways and is getting good with to when coming to me with his left side. His right side gives him more trouble and takes a little longer for him to think his way through it. I'll keep playing and give him time - I know he will get really good at it. He LOVES the sideways game!!

Did some sideways online and away from me with America, Captain and Li"Bert"y. Interesting differenced: Captain got it pretty fast and was licking and chewing like crazy. America also caught on quickly but it took her a little longer to lick and chew. Bert took the longest and was especially worried when I was on his right side. Just had to slow WAY down and he got it and relaxed. He licks and chews quickly a lot too.

Did some circles with all three: Interestingly all three had more problems/resistance/unconfidence to the right. America tried a lot of pulling away and had the "crabby face on". I just drifted with her and waited, quietly asking her to go. She got it, relaxed and got a "pretty and soft" look on her face. I stopped right there!! Captain did really well to the left and pretty good to the right, just had to continue until he relaxed when going to the right. I stopped there. Bert really had trouble to the right, was scared especially squeezing past the log. I asked him in to me several times to help him get confidence and he finally got it. He even stopped by the log to investigate it. Lots of licking and chewing going on there. AND instead of fear he got curious!!

By the time we finished, I had 4 horses VERY interested in what I was doing. When I walked away I had all four following me with great expressions on their faces!!

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