Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Great Glamping Weekend

Our play group went on a glamping (glamour camping) trip with our horses this past weekend and had a fantastic time. The ranch we were at had a nice play ground with lots of different obstacles and a pond for water play. Renegade had a great time in the water and this from a horse that won’t put his foot in a mud puddle!!

We had so many breakthroughs and firsts this past weekend. I really stepped up my leadership and was rewarded with a horse that was willing, attentive, soft, confident, playful, respectful. Renegade got along with his neighbor in his stall (something that has never happened before). I think he loved that everything was so interesting and he wasn’t bored.

We went on a trail walk Friday afternoon with Ingrid and Cayenne and went on trail rides Saturday and Sunday. Renegade and I even led for a while!! We did have some conversation early on both rides (although Sunday’s was MUCH shorter) about who was going to be in charge!! Once we sorted that out we had a great ride. Thank goodness for Parelli friends that don’t mind waiting while you sort things out!!

On Sunday when we got back from the trail ride, Ingrid on Cayenne and Me on Renegade were trotting all over the play ground practicing figure 8’s, direct reins, riding with focus and feel, riding through/over obstacles, etc. It was great fun and Renegade was GREAT!!
It was fantastic to spend so much time with Renegade. I wish I could do it all the time but alas…work, school, life, gets in the way.

I can’t wait until we do it again!!!

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