Saturday, February 7, 2009

Third Lesson with Parelli Professional - L2

Had my lesson today with Jerry and had lots of fun. We discussed the 8 responsibilities, 4 for the human and 4 for the horse and played with maintaining gait both online and freestyle. We played with this responsibility using patterns of follow the rail, change direction and around barrels. It was lots of fun and very interesting!! And I loved the fact that most of our lesson today was riding.
I asked Jerry about cantering on Renegade and I think we're going to try that next lesson and see what we get!! Looking forward to it. So here's a goal...between now and my next lesson I'm going to practice body positions and do simulations so I get super confortable with what I need to be doing in my body. Hopefully then I can stay out of Renegade's way while he's trying to canter!!

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