Monday, March 2, 2009

Revisiting Lessons

I went back to revisit my lesson on responsibilities (mine and my horse's) with a Parelli Professional. I always learn a lot when I “soak” for awhile! I have been trying to be conscious of my responsibilities when I’m with Renegade - keeping my emotions in check (except when I laugh when things don’t go as expected), working on my independent seat and FEET - not moving my feet unless I want to, being in the moment with Renegade and taking the time it takes (passive persistence), and focus, focus, focus. I am trying to make it a habit to picture what I want and what I want it to look like but accepting what I get and building on that a little at a time. Really trying to pay attention to my energy - driving and drawing.

Also went back to revisit my lesson on leadership with a Parelli Professional. We are still working on this. The thing I noticed is the better I uphold my responsibilities the better Renegade upholds his…hummmmmmm, how interesting!! If my horse is my mirror, boy have I been slacking up until recently!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes and ouch that hurts!! So…if Renegade is my mirror then it follows he will stand still if I do, if my go equals my whoa then his will too, if I’m confident he will be too, if I’m in the present he will be too, if I’m with him then he will be with me (in the moment), if I don’t check out he won’t either, if I don’t change gait he won’t either.
Well now, I’ve got this in my head, now if I could just get my body to cooperate we’d be getting somewhere!!

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