Saturday, March 7, 2009


Had a good and informative private lesson today. Got some good strategies to advance my savvy and just in time too.

Renegade knocked me over today during trailer loading. Guess what, I do bounce but not well!! And my butt is a bit sore from landing on it. Never saw my husband run so fast in all the time we've been married!! He was so worried about me and all I was worried about was my glasses that went flying off my face. I had to cowgirl up though cause I still had to go to my lesson!! I know this was a LB thing. When he ran in to me, I let go of the rope - didn't feel like going body surfing!! Well, down I went and he jumped me so he wouldn't step on me. Never saw the underside of his belly like that before Needless to say, we won't be doing THAT again!!

Jerry is encouraging us, his L2S, to film our auditions starting with L2 Online and get them in before May 1 (they're free until then). I'm going to try and tape next week on my break from school!! Then maybe in a month or so, I'll tape my L2 Freestyle.

Talked to Trina today. She passed her L3 (old assessment) and just found out yesterday. She is THRILLED!! She's coming to the play day at Ingrid's on the 28th.

I met Gina Warrington (PP) today while at my private lesson. We didn't get to chat very long but she seems very nice. She's at the ISC for her continuing education.

Hey Terri - how about a little friendly, savvy competition?? We need to talk and set our goals and how we're going to go about it. And we need to decide what the prize is!! Let's do it!!

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