Monday, April 20, 2009

L2 Online Audition

Well, I swallowed hard, took the plunge, and submitted my L2 Online Audition. Now to practice some emotional fitness while I wait to hear the results of my efforts. I'm excited to see if how I perceive my skills is comparable with how the professionals see me.

Now I have a new goal of finishing my L2 Freestyle and getting it submitted by the end of summer. It's gonna be a fun but busy summer!!


Kris said...

Hi Kathy!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I thought I would check yours out...

So, how did you do with the audition? Have you heard yet?

Renegade is just lovely. I'm am a total pony person, and I love his bright bay color.

It's great that you are part of an active playgroup and spending time with PPs. That has been my approach over the years, although now that I've moved things will be quieter for awhile...

Bye for now,

craigeagle23 said...

Hi Kris - Isn't Renegade a cutie?! He's got his own fan club. Where ever we go, people remember his name but they have a time remembering mine!! He is a character and my favorite of all my horses (because he's not easy!!). Haven't heard anything on my auditions yet - I'm hoping soon as my friends got their results.