Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh gosh, school is keeping me soooo busy. It’s cutting in to my horsey time, arrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!
Have been trying to play at liberty using drive and draw doing figure 8’s. Wednesday night was awsome. Renegade stuck with me just wandering around the pasture then we jumped some cavalettis at a trot, tried a canter but not quite…it’ll come when were ready. Then we played figure 8’s using a barrel and tire. It was fantastic, we were doing walk then trot just using drive and draw. Jerry, you would have been proud to see Renegade responding to my pushing his shoulder over with my energy!! Then Renegade got funny, it was obvious he understood the pattern and was maybe getting a little bored so he added in his own variations. Each time he came around the barrel and headed for the tire he would put his front feet in the tire and stop there, or he would put his front feet on the tire and rest there, or he’d pick up the barrel and move it over a little. It was hysterical, I was laughing so hard!!
Then we played with backing by the tail, massaging the mouth and chin, leading by the chin, and some online circles and changes of direction. Also practiced my effective send.Can’t wait till my next lesson!

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