Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finally - A Chance to Post Again!! sure has been a busy time since I last posted here. I've completed two more classes towards my bachelors degree, attended the Parelli Celebration in Lakeland, Florida, attended the Parelli Open House in Ocala, Florida, and went to a couple of play days.

The Ocala Parelli Players group has been very busy with planning for play days and Tinker has arranged some great stuff for the play day at her place in December - camping, trail riding, play in arenas and round pens and even a pot luck and some entertainment on Saturday night. It sounds like we can have our own mini-celebration!!! It sounds like a fun time!! Getting excited about all the fun stuff we have coming up!!

The play day this past Wednesday at Ingrid's was fantastic. It was fun to get together with Nicole, Kim, Linda, Terri, Ingrid, Angie, Beth, and Sandy (Beth's sister visiting from out of town). was a nice suprise when Jerry Williams, a Parelli instructor, showed up!! I was laying on the ground with Renegade grazing right next to me, just spending some undemanding time after all the playing at liberty and riding we had done.

Renegade and I had a blast today. I rode him in the round pen with the bareback pad and we had a good thing going - Renegade was soft and responsive and we eventually got two laps without change of gait, change of direction, or leaving the rail (no corrections!!) and he was responding to my seat and legs. We also played with driving game while riding using the SS around his neck to back up - he was fabulous!! I had the SS held lightly between my thumb and index finger and he backed (WITH ENERGY) from light driving. We had a really great connection today and he was really sticking with me even at liberty. When we got home I opened the trailer door and Renegade (at liberty) politely waited for me to ask him out and he exited quietly, turned and faced me and stayed with me (in a yard FULL of grass!!). I waited a couple of minutes then headed off to the pasture and at liberty Renegade stayed with me all the way in to the pasture. I am extremely happy with the way the whole day went but especially happy with the way our day ended. WHOOT, WHOOT, WHOOT!!!!

I just love the relationship I've been building with Renegade, we are truely becoming partners. I used to dream about having a relationship like this with Renegade and now it's become a reality and I believe the possibilities are endless for us. I'm dreaming really big for our future!!

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