Sunday, November 1, 2009

Amazing Day!!

The weather was cooler this morning so went out to play with Renegade. He's been playing hard to get the past couple of days so we played the catching game for a few minutes and when he came to me, we hung out for a couple of minutes then walked together to the gate, put the halter on and out we went.
Circling: got some nice, soft circles and some nice changes of direction, two laps to the right maintaining gait and direction.
Squeeze: some nice squeezes over a single barrel with turn, face, and wait. Also a couple squeeze over barrel towards me, stop, and back up to barrel!!
Sideways/Driving: at liberty sideways to and from, very nice and soft - Renegade's second favorite game!!
Porcupine: to lift (L) front leg, Renegade was very soft, doing prep to ask for him to lay down.
Yo-Yo: Renegade is good at this game, but I need to start working on speeding this up!
Friendly: Renegade's favorite game, I was laying on ground, using cs to touch his nose without having him bite the cs (a favorite game). Eventually he was very relaxed and was putting his own nose on the cs tip and resting there!!

Circling: ftr at walk and trot getting better, changes of gait and corrections back to rail are rare!
Driving: used driving when back up got a little sticky. Also, used ss around neck to do driving for back-up - it was light!!
Squeeze: between barrel and fence, Renegade was fine with this.
Sideways: was playing with ridden yo-yo's and Renegade offered beautiful, soft sideways - the best one's yet, both right and left!!!
Porcupine: during sideways was light, yield hq needs more practice to get lighter!
Yo-Yo: go is good, whoa is good, back up sticky - needs more practice to get lighter and faster!!
Friendly: lots of friendly for all the effort with sideways and for hq yields!!

Circling: some nice circles at about 30' of rope, had to bring him in closer to get changes of direction, need a plan to improve this!
Falling Leaf: did some really nice falling leaf, I stayed on course and Renegade for the most part, kept moving at a trot - pretty nice for our first real attempt at this.
Send: after our play, I sent Renegade to the gate from about 35' away and really focused on the gate - he went, turned and looked at me!!! Whoot!!

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