Saturday, November 7, 2009

2 Great Workshops Today!!

Participated in two workshops today and as usual, Renegade was a great teacher! Most things went well, a few things did not go as planned but were fantastic learning experiences. Jerry, the Parelli Professional, presented some great concepts and gave us plenty to think about/work on/play with for quite a while.

Renegade has always had an issue with other horses in his zone 5 but today he was especially bothered by it. It may have been because 4 of the 6 horses were new to him and those were the ones he had the biggest issues with. Jerry gave me a strategy to deal with it and by the end of the workshops, Renegade was standing quietly with other horses zooming around behind him doing canter lead changes and he was relaxed, with no "nasty ears" or his version of the Schwiegermutter look!!

I have more thoughts about the workshops, but am REALLY tired so gonna get some shut-eye and post more tomorrow!!

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