Sunday, November 22, 2009

Awesome Playday Today!!

I was invited to a impromptu playday today and it was amazing. There were three of us there with our horses and we talked about and shared some new concepts we've learned lately, some in workshops and some in lessons.

We played on the ground for a while to get warmed up and play with being particular without being critical, "raising our expectations", energy and focus, and phases within or before phases, etc. We were getting some amazing stuff out of ourselves and our horses.

Today, for the first time, I rode some pretty nice cloverleafs, circles, and question box patterns at the trot. Our circles are looking much better and starting to look like circles and not eggs!! Also rode some nice sideways both with a fence and without; we're getting straighter, softer, and lighter! Also, did a bit of cs riding asking for lateral flexion, hq disengagement, and practicing NOT having that stick bouncing on my shoulder!!

I have to thank my friends and my equine partner, Renegade, for helping me become more savvy every day. The progress we've made is due in large part to the support and encouragement of my friends and the excellent teaching of Jerry Williams, a Parelli Professional, and Renegade, the best teacher of all.

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