Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some Thoughts Around the Workshops and Playdays in November

I've had plenty of time to think about the things I learned in the workshops and some things I've been playing with at playdays.

1.) FTR at trot - I need to remember to NOT use the reins unless necessary and to remember to use phases but not nag - be effective. I MUST start using CS for corrections and for stopping, that is if Renegade does not stop off my seat.

2.) Stopping off my seat - remember phases: think about/picture stopping, sit deeper in saddle, look up, exhale, cs zone 1 if necessary. I need to be more effective, quicker, to get better consistency.

3.) Question Box - circles around barrels at trot and Renegade was following my focus much better with minimal corrections. It seems the better I focus, the better he gets!! Circles are less egg shaped, becoming more round. My body position is better, more correct and Renegade is getting better at bending his ribs. Riding through center Renegade was beginning to to ask questions and anticipate stopping so I varied the routine, stopping, slowing to walk, back to trot, etc. It was fun and Renegade was catching on quite well.

4.) 180's - we definitely need more practice to get smoother at this. Renegade is still a little bracey at this which makes doing the 180's difficult and not flowing well. I need a strategy to help soften him a bit before doing this, maybe putting it later in our play sessions?

5.) Circles online using the 45' line have fallen apart - Renegade not soft, not bending, not maintaining gait or direction. Going back on the 22' for this until I can sort it out and get better consistency. Further out than this and Renegade plays the "nana booboo, you can't touch me out here" game so to reinforce his responsibility, it's back to the 22'!! We are past the teaching phase but need to work on control and reinforcement.

Playdays and workshops can be soooo revealing!!

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