Friday, November 27, 2009

Teleconference w/Jerry Williams

After the workshops with Jerry on 11/07/09, and playing with all the new concepts we explored, I had many questions and was glad I signed up for the clinic/workshop extra. I got a lot of value for a little money!!

Some of my questions:

1.) Play, how much is too much - the attitude of play is important but I need to balance intense activity and increased expectations for short periods with periods of play. I need to ask/expect more of myself and Renegade and then offer play as a reward for a job well done! Ex. circling game has fallen apart so if I need to do many circles to get two good ones, then I need to go there but be sure to reward the effort and as we get better, upping the expectations again.

2.) Squeeze over barrels - Renegade cutting rather than jumping. It's a nah, rather not do that as opposed to fear. I need to go back to basics, on the 22', asking for squeeze over 1 barrel and when I get consistently good results, add a second barrel opposite the first, then add a third and finally a forth. Again, I must up the ante/expectations for both of us and do what it takes to get there. Important to direct zone 1 in this case!!!

3.) Direct rein - start thinking about not so much moving the nose as moving the shoulder. Eventually the rear leg will stay put and front only will move. In the beginning though I may get quite alot of movement of the HQ but don't worry about it, and can use my leg or cs to "push" shoulder over. It will get better!!

4.) Indirect rein - as with direct rein but FQ should be still and HQ move, should feel horse step up under himself but it won't be stepping across of rear legs. Can use leg or cs to "push" HQ over.

5.) Precision - can this be micro-managing? long as I use proper phases and am effective...NO NAGGING!!!

6.) Pushing on me or my space - do not allow this, get control of/be effective in zone 1!!

7.) Relationship savings account - I can step-up and be a more effective leader, ask for more respect from Renegade but just make sure to balance w/"friendly" deposits, i.e., grazing, undemanding time, etc.

8.) Fluidity - use peddling and/or swimming to get loose and get in time with Renegade's gaits. Try riding through transitions, use CS EFFECTIVELY!!! Try to use reins less but don't be afraid to use them if necessary.


KNOW WHAT I'M DOING AT ALL TIMES - am I teaching, controling, reinforcing, or refining. BE IN THE MOMENT WITH MY HORSE!!!

9.) Transitions - when riding, if Renegade stops w/o being asked, do not allow more than a couple of seconds before asking to resume direction, gait, and speed!!


11.) Stop is an active thing with many parts. DO NOT just stop riding like a sack of potatoes...think about the stop/get a mental picture, sit deep in the saddle, look up, blow out, lift/bounce rein if necessary or use cs. Follow horse's motion with just a little less energy and horse will slow down.

12.) Bow Tie - HQ disengage begins as you come around barrel and the purpose is to slow horse using partial disengage. This prepares the horse for transition/change of lead at center spot of barrels/bow tie pattern.

13.) Rib bending exercise - to help supple horses ribs, it's more of a feel than actually having the horse throw their ribs out to the other side. It should feel subtle. This prepares the horse for lead changes and helps lighten them for better responses.

Whew...that's alot to lick and chew on for quite some time!!

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