Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Very Special Opportunity

I had the opportunity to take Renegade to the ISC in Ocala to participate in some games/challenges and we had a ball!!

Challenges were set up, timed, and points awarded for completing the challenge and extra points for difficulty. Challenges included circling, squeeze, sideways, 4 feet on a tarp, and weave.

We did well in the weave, putting 4 feet on the tarp, as well as sideways both online and at liberty. Circling game was an issue both online and at liberty with Renegade ignoring my send, cutting the circle, and not maintaining gait or direction. Squeeze game also needs to be reinforced. Renegade wanting to cut the jump (it's easier LOL!!). After talking with a Parelli Professional, I'm working on a plan to address this - just need to carve out the time!!

Freestyle riding was initially challenging as we were out in the big wide open and Renegade was wanting to go "visit" with a horse he was particularily attracted to. He offered me the most beautiful sideways we've ever done and he did it several times. The other horse happened to be cantering circles and Renegade kept trying to sidepass to him so we sidepassed all over the place trying to "catch" that other horse. I finally got Renegade's attention and we joined the group watching the freestyle challenges. I decided not to participate since Renegade was a bit impulsive but we did do FTR outside the pen where the freestyle riding was going on. This was a great exercise/pattern to get Renegade's attention and help him get more emotionally collected. Later we rode in the honeycomb practicing cs riding, NO REINS ALLOWED. It took a bit to persuade Renegade it was not a good idea to duck out the opening but after about 8 trips round the pen, I got two good rounds with no ducking out!!

Did some zone 5 driving when crossing the "scary" bridge. Renegade was a little hesitant for about 30 seconds then crossed like he'd been doing it for years. We practiced this several times over the course of the day. I LOVE ZONE 5 DRIVING!!!

After this, it was time for lunch and while I ate, Renegade grazed right beside me. The only time he wanted to leave (he didn't go far) was when he wanted to follow the draft horses pulling the manure spreader. I think he was interested in what they were doing and wanted to go meet them!!

After lunch it was time for water play and boy did Renegade enjoy himself. The horse he was so drawn to during freestyle riding was there and they enjoyed a mutual grooming session while standing in the water chest deep. Renegade NEVER lets another horse into his personal space like that, especially one he does not know but this "buddy" must have been very special!! During the water play Renegade actually swam in deep water up over his back. Very cool for a horse that used to have such a phobia about even getting his feet a little wet!!

The day ended with Renegade and his buddy taking a good roll in the sand. Renegade rolled quite a bit, really enjoying himself. It was a perfect end to a perfect day!!

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