Monday, March 1, 2010

Clinics, Workshops, Lessons, and Play Days...Oh My!!

Gosh, it seems as if my life is flying by me!! So much has happened since my last post. The Ocala Parelli Players went on our annual "glamping" (glamour camping) trip in January and had a great time. Renegade came up lame the day before the trip, I think he was kicked by my mare. We tried a trail ride but I ended up walking him and we spent our weekend doing zone 5 driving out on the trail. It was fun and I think Renegade enjoyed himself!

Took a L3 clinic in early February and Renegade was still lame so I borrowed a horse for the clinic. It was interesting, learning the concepts with a different horse but I did learn alot playing on the 45' line and freestyle/finesse concepts for L3. Now that Renegade is 100%, we're playing with the concepts.

Also, in February, the OPP group hosted an intergroup play day and challenge. The Savvy Hearts were our guests and we had some fun challenges. It was interesting to see so much savvy and the great horse/human relationships that were evident. And despite having so many people and horses together in one place and all the activity going on, all the horses were well behaved. Of course horses will be horses and we had one that jumped into the round pen, one that jumped out, and one that kicked at another horse but connected with a human instead. Luckily none of the horses or the human suffered any serious injuries. The human did have a bruise on her leg but thanks to the "red light" she is nearly all recovered one week later.

We did have a nice "red light" demo at the intergroup play day and a few people bought light kits. I wasn't expecting the demo or being able to buy a kit so I didn't have the money on me at the time but I have ordered one and should be able to pick it up this Friday, March 5. I'm getting the horse/human/dog/cat kit!

This past Sunday, I took a L3 workshop on driving from zones 3, 4, and 5 with both the 22' and 45' lines. I really enjoyed learning this and I need to be careful I don't overdo this with Renegade!! In the afternoon I audited the L3 carrot stick riding workshop and it was really informative. I have a much better understanding of most of the L3 concepts now. We also touched on placement of horse's feet, where our weight is when asking for certain moves, body, leg, and shoulder alignment and placement, where the horses feet are or should be when doing certain moves.

It's interesting to me now that I'm in L3 I finally feel I'm getting in to the "nuts and bolts" of horsemanship. I have a better, deeper more intellectual understanding of my horsemanship rather than just learning the techniques and how to handle the tools. I also can see and understand exactly where I am going and what I need to do to get there!

Next weekend (Saturday) I'm hoping to go to the Parelli Center in Ocala, FL for the Parelli Games that are being offered each Saturday through April. I hope my health certificate comes this week so I can go!! Sunday I have a private 3 hour lesson with Jerry Williams so review the material from the L3 clinic but I'll have Renegade with me this time so I'll be applying the concepts to him rather than the horse I borrowed. I'm also planning on addressing Renegade's zone 5 issues in part of the lesson time and get some goals set up to carry me through the summer and early fall until Jerry comes back to Florida.

Well...gotta go for now and hopefully it won't be two months before I post again!

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